Changing/Hiding objects in the Catalog

A user friendly tool to change an objects location or price in the catalog by whoward69.

Buy Mode

Sometimes you don’t want an object to show in the catalog.  For buy mode objects this is controlled by the Catalog Sort in the OBJD.  If you have the object already part of a collection file then it will remove the object from the catalog but still be available through the collection file.

On the Catalog Sort tab you will find the middle portion shown in two sections: Room Sort & Function Sort.  Room sort is when you are selecting from the catalog based on rooms, ie: Bedroom, Study.  Function sort is when you are choosing based on the type of object, ie: Decorative, Appliances.  So to remove it from the general buy catalog you will want to untick the boxes in theFunction Sort.  You could also untick the boxes in the Room Sort if you don’t want to see the objects there either.

  1. Select the OBJD in the Resource Tree (left)
  2. Select the OBJD – Main in the Resource List (right)
  3. In the Raw Tab untick all boxes for Function Sort
  4. Commit

Note:  This is also the same place to recategorize your objects.  If you want the item accessible only through a collection make sure to have ONLY the Misc box checked.


Build Mode

I’ve never tried to hide EAxis build mode objects.  I have no idea if they will continue to function if you edit the values in the RAW data tab but you can certainly try it. Build mode sorting has numerical values for each sort type.  The lines below are where these values are entered.  I suspect that changing each to 0 would remove it from the catalog while still having it show through a collection.  I have had success changing custom architectural objects to show in the EA architectural location so this probably would work.

  • 0x0045:build Mode Type
  • 0x004A:build Mode Subsort

If you have other catalog sorting you would like to do then you can find the list of build mode sort flags in the Wiki at MTS.