[UV Map] Groovy Door

Download psd Read More

Adjusting Autonomy

Adjusting autonomy and motive advertising by dramallamadingdang. Read More

Setting an Object For Sale

via tumblr and hexagonal-bipyramid. Read More

Editing Hobby Lots

How to edit hobby lots by eulaliasims. Read More

ts2 Game Content

List of game content. Read More

UC Install Location

C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Game Read More

Outdoor Shadows

To remove outdoor shadows on objects while keeping shadows on in game settings. Select GMND Select tsNoShadow Change subset to 0 (1 true, 0 false) If it doesn’t, the expression below may need to be added to the Function – Init BHAV. [prim 0x0002] Expression (My 0x0044 (Shadow Type) := Literal 0x0000) Read More

Career Vehicle and Clothes GUIDs

List of GUIDs for career info Read More

Changing Prices & Environment

Walls & Floors | Objects | Room Rating Walls & Floors Select XOBJ Select cost line Change value to right – this value is hex Commit & Save Select STR Select line 0x0002 Change value Commit & Save Objects Select OBJD Change to Decimal Select line 0x0022:sale price and change Commit & Save Environmental Rating Read More

Career Resources

List of groups and GUIDs for careers. Read More

Usable Food Clutter

How to make food clutter stockable to the fridge by deedee_sims. Includes pictures and Food Point tips! Read More

How to Make Objects Visible in Neighborhood View

The “For Dummies” version by iCad, with pictures! Read More

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