When I first started to learn these things it was helpful to keep notes, and some of these pop up as questions from other creators.  Since pictures always explain better than words, I’ve created some tutorials with pictures.

Any object you modify using any of these tutorials will require you to share the mesh you are modifying so that it behaves the same way for others.  Whether or not you modify and share meshes that are pay or donation items is up to you.

For more help, or if you have questions, feel free to visit me at Sims2Artists.  No registration required to download, but if you would like to ask for help you will need to register.

All tutorials require the use of SimPE.  There is also a download link on each tutorial which will then give you an option to save the file.  Go to File / Download As and choose which format you would like.

Please do not repost these tutorials in part or full on any other site.