Lockable Gates

Took me forever to finally find this, don’t know if it’s just that hard to find or my google search skills are phail.  Either way here it is going so I can find it easier next time.

It really is best to make gates base game compatible to start with, but if you have one (or more) custom gates that don’t have the locking feature and you really need to keep people out (and who wouldn’t?)  then here is a quick and simple way to make them lockable.

This requires a game configuration of OFB or Higher

  • Open .package in SimPe
  • Select OBJD
  • Select Raw Data Tab
  • Go to Section 07: Resource cross-refs
  • Select Line 0x0007
  • Change to 0x004 hex (4 decimal)
  • Commit
  • Save

All the credit for this goes to Numenor.  I just found it and am writing it in a specific place that I can find or refer to again.