Fixing the Bounding Mesh

So you can’t find the right place to grab your object?  Or it’s somewhere you don’t want it to be?  Then your bounding mesh is a little skewed.   It’s really very easy to fix.  But this happens when you are importing your mesh in different subsets and not importing the entire thing. 

SimPE takes the last subset imported and makes this the bounding mesh, which is not always what you want!  If you are importing and replacing your entire mesh at once, you will not have to fix the bounding mesh.  The best option is to always re-import your entire mesh, but occasionally you do need to work on just one part.  The problem with this is you may forget to fix the bounding mesh, so the best practice is to do the entire mesh.

  1. Open Mesh, Select GMDC – if more than one select the one that has the main mesh and not the shadows. (pic boundingMesh1
  2. Select Model tab in Plugin view (pic boundingMesh2)
    • Select clear
  3. Select Group tab in Plugin view (pic boundingMesh3)
    • Select the subset name
    • Select the “Add to Bounding Mesh”
    • Repeat for all subset parts you want in the bounding box.



NOTE: This will not work this simply with an animated object, ie: a dresser, bed, sink. You will need to export the entire mesh and all subsets and reimport. When exporting the bedding mesh as an obj you will lose your joint assignments, I really don’t know much about joints. I can reattach some for small items, but not large scale. When dealing with beds you should not export the bedding.
4 years ago