Guided Tour to Custom Foundations

Originally posted by devilsrope at maty.

Parts needed for a custom deck

  • A custom deck script – dur
  • A wall script – Probably to be hidden from catalog view.
  • A wallpattern script – This part is not supported by the Scriptorium, so must be added to the basegame wallpatterns.txt.
  • A floorpattern script – Same issues as the wallpattern. I didn’t use one for the white lattice deck.
  • A package containing the texture for the wallpattern
  • A package containing the catalog entry info for the custom deck – I put this in the Scriptorium Decks etc. folder, but it may work other places. Combining it into the texture package in downloads did not work for me.

Custom Deck Script

  • catalogTextResource 50_WhiteDeck 138 – Name of the deck (what I named the file) followed by 138. This number comes from the build.package file, where 138 is the instance that lists the game’s decks/foundations/pools.
  • buildTipIndices 5 5 – The build tips to be displayed. These also come from the build.package. No need to change this.
  • deck 50 – The number I chose to call my deck (just like you would do with modular stairs).
  • wallStyle 200 – The wall my deck displays, in this case, my custom wall. More on this below.
  • floorPattern “deckDarkRedwood” – I didn’t use a custom floorpattern, so this is the default deck floor.
  • supportObject 0xAA75A097 – Stuff I left alone from the script I copied (the original lattice deck).
  • supportObjectUpperLevel 0x9EDE28AE – More stuff I left alone.
  • catalogTextIndices 0 1 – Which lines of the catalog entry package to display for price/name/description.

Custom Wall

  • wall 200 – The number I chose for my wall.
  • defaultPattern “deckwhite” – The wallpattern my wall will display.
  • wallThickness none – I left this alone.
  • mayChangeSurface false – I left this alone.
  • mayAttachObjects false – I left this alone.
  • mayCutAway false – I left this alone.
  • requiresFlatBottom false – I left this alone.
  • requiresFlatTop true – I left this alone.
  • submersible true – I left this alone.
  • verticalSpan floorToFloorBasedCeiling – I left this alone.
  • blocksLight false – I left this alone.
  • deleteTool levelRoom – I left this alone.
  • notInCatalog – I left this alone as I don’t want this wall to show in the catalog.

Wallpattern Script

  • wallPattern “deckwhite” – The name I chose for my wallpattern.
  • material “wall_deckRedwoodB_base” – The texture my wallpattern displays.
  • notInCatalog – I left this alone.


The texture I used was recycled from the base game. I took an (as far as I know) unused, duplicate pattern of the regular, brown lattice, and recolored it. My texture package is simply a default replacement. You could go this route as well, as I think there are plenty of unused and duplicate textures in there. I have tried every which way I can think of to get a completely custom texture to display, and I can’t seem to get it to work. I ditched all the stuff I was working on in case I’ve just been staring too long and am missing something obvious (it’s not hard to reproduce these little scripts after all). I may or may not revisit them in the future. Please let me know (here, or you can PM me at PMBD) what you find, if you do try these. I probably did something silly, or maybe the game needs to think (by trickery?) that the texture is native. But yeah, I got sick of testing. Sorry to leave that part so flimsy. Hopefully it wasn’t just a typo I kept missing, or I’ll feel really dumb.

Catalog Info

The catalog info package just holds the info listed above (name/price/description). It’s simply the instance 138 of the build.package extracted and edited.