Reticulating splines!

Startup Strings via MTS and treeag. Read More

Missing Holiday from UC

This fix provided by Moonkist Sims. If your missing the clothing from the Holiday packs when installing UC, directions on fixing it. Read More

MMATs – Updating for CEP

Originally the dollhouse was cloned to make it recolorable rather than creating a CEP to add that functionality to the original game object. This example is for the dollhouse, but should work with any recolor to add to a game object after a CEP-Extra has been made. Select the MMAT resource of the CEP-Extra.package in Read More

[UV Map] Loft Gate

Download psd Read More

[UV Map] AL Spiral Stairs

Download Wooden psd Download Socialite psd Read More

[UV Map] Hydroponic Garden

Download psd Read More

[UV Map] Moroccan Window

Download psd Read More

[UV Map] Atomic Counter

Download psd Read More

[UV Map] Anes Bed

Download psd Read More

[UV Map] Molecule Sculpture – FT


Game Resources

Location for the resources used by the game. Read More

Stair Corner Fix

Do your custom stair corners look like this?  Very dark when placed under roofs?  Want it to look like the outer corner? The key to making them not turn dark is to change the object type in the OBJD. Edit line 0x0009: type Change to hex 0x000b or dec 11. Note: The one issue this Read More

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