Compatible Hoods

Each EP added different neighborhood decorations and effects, this tutorial will show you how to make a decorated hood that requires EPs you don’t have compatible with your game. This does NOT include hoods with lots!  All lots require the EPs they were built with. You will need to download Hood Replace by Mootilda at… Read more »

Getting CEP Extras to Work

The CEP by Numenor installs easily, both manually and automatic.  But all those CEP-EXTRAS by Numenor and various creators you have to manually place in the CEP-Extras folder.  Easy again, but if you don’t have the folders listed correctly in the file table in SimPE then it won’t load the subsets properly.  

TS3 Game IDs

EP ID  EP      Group  Base  0x00000000  1 – WA  0x08000000  2 – AMB  0x18000000  3 – LN  0x28000000  4 – GEN  0x38000000  5 – Pets  0x48000000  6 – SHT  0x58000000  7 – SN  0x70000000      8 – SSN  0x80000000  9 – UNI  0x88000000  10 – IP  0x90000000  11 – Into The Future  0xA0000000   SP… Read more »

Modular Stairs

Creating custom modular stairs is as simple as cloning one of the modular stairs in game and then creating a text file or appending your modularstairs.txt file.  

Fixing the Bounding Mesh

So you can’t find the right place to grab your object?  Or it’s somewhere you don’t want it to be?  Then your bounding mesh is a little skewed.   It’s really very easy to fix.  This happens when you are importing your mesh in different subsets and not importing the entire thing. SimPE takes the last… Read more »

BHAVs & Multi-State Objects

Multi-state objects that have a sim directed interaction will have entries in the BHAV.  This is by no means a fix for every object, but just what I have observed with the few objects I have worked with.  The images here show a light specifically when a subset is added.  This subset was intended to… Read more »

Object & Sim Intersection

A quick guide to adding a BHAV to allow object and sim intersection. This is especially useful for decorative items like blanket and pillows. I don’t usually decorative with cheats on right away since this sometimes renders an object unusable for sims. The example I used was Jonesi’s bed blanket slaved to Maxis bedding by… Read more »

Adding Slots

This tutorial is aimed for adding simple decorative slots.  In the example I have used I will be adding 14 slots to a bookcase.  Adding slots requires adding lines in the Resource Node (CRES), so I recommend reading The Resource Node (CRES) by Numenor for an explanation of the CRES structure.  This is important if… Read more »


HomeCrafter is the custom wall and floor application from EA.  Sometime in the latter half of the EP’s being released, they conflicted and Homecrafter would no longer start.  I personally do not have issues with Homecrafter, since I don’t have the later EP’s, but I hang out in a lot of different help forums.  This… Read more »

Shading in CS3

Creating shading around the edges of an object makes the textures look much better on the object in game.  You will notice that Maxis items all have shading.  To do this easily it is best to have the UV Map from the object.  This can be done with either custom content or even with Maxis… Read more »