Guided Tour to Custom Foundations

Originally posted by devilsrope at maty.  Download

Parts needed for a custom deck

  • A custom deck script – dur
  • A wall script – Probably to be hidden from catalog view.
  • A wallpattern script – This part is not supported by the Scriptorium, so must be added to the basegame wallpatterns.txt.
  • A floorpattern script – Same issues as the wallpattern. I didn’t use one for the white lattice deck.
  • A package containing the texture for the wallpattern
  • A package containing the catalog entry info for the custom deck – I put this in the Scriptorium Decks etc. folder, but it may work other places. Combining it into the texture package in downloads did not work for me.

Custom Deck Script

  • catalogTextResource 50_WhiteDeck 138 – Name of the deck (what I named the file) followed by 138. This number comes from the build.package file, where 138 is the instance that lists the game’s decks/foundations/pools.
  • buildTipIndices 5 5 – The build tips to be displayed. These also come from the build.package. No need to change this.
  • deck 50 – The number I chose to call my deck (just like you would do with modular stairs).
  • wallStyle 200 – The wall my deck displays, in this case, my custom wall. More on this below.
  • floorPattern “deckDarkRedwood” – I didn’t use a custom floorpattern, so this is the default deck floor.
  • supportObject 0xAA75A097 – Stuff I left alone from the script I copied (the original lattice deck).
  • supportObjectUpperLevel 0x9EDE28AE – More stuff I left alone.
  • catalogTextIndices 0 1 – Which lines of the catalog entry package to display for price/name/description.

Custom Wall

  • wall 200 – The number I chose for my wall.
  • defaultPattern “deckwhite” – The wallpattern my wall will display.
  • wallThickness none – I left this alone.
  • mayChangeSurface false – I left this alone.
  • mayAttachObjects false – I left this alone.
  • mayCutAway false – I left this alone.
  • requiresFlatBottom false – I left this alone.
  • requiresFlatTop true – I left this alone.

  • submersible true – I left this alone.
  • verticalSpan floorToFloorBasedCeiling – I left this alone.
  • blocksLight false – I left this alone.
  • deleteTool levelRoom – I left this alone.
  • notInCatalog – I left this alone as I don’t want this wall to show in the catalog.

Wallpattern Script

  • wallPattern “deckwhite” – The name I chose for my wallpattern.
  • material “wall_deckRedwoodB_base” – The texture my wallpattern displays.
  • notInCatalog – I left this alone.


The texture I used was recycled from the base game. I took an (as far as I know) unused, duplicate pattern of the regular, brown lattice, and recolored it. My texture package is simply a default replacement. You could go this route as well, as I think there are plenty of unused and duplicate textures in there. I have tried every which way I can think of to get a completely custom texture to display, and I can’t seem to get it to work. I ditched all the stuff I was working on in case I’ve just been staring too long and am missing something obvious (it’s not hard to reproduce these little scripts after all). I may or may not revisit them in the future. Please let me know (here, or you can PM me at PMBD) what you find, if you do try these. I probably did something silly, or maybe the game needs to think (by trickery?) that the texture is native. But yeah, I got sick of testing. Sorry to leave that part so flimsy. Hopefully it wasn’t just a typo I kept missing, or I’ll feel really dumb.

Catalog Info

The catalog info package just holds the info listed above (name/price/description). It’s simply the instance 138 of the build.package extracted and edited.

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The Seven Skills

Cooking Bookshelves. Sims can study cooking theory. The Yummy Channel. This TV channel boosts cooking skill 24/7 Toy Oven. Children can bake a muffin with the toy oven Cooking. Cooking in a kitchen, influenced by your sims current skill, also builds cooking skill Career Rewards. The chocolate machine makes money and increases cooking skill. It Read More

Lit Up Neighborhood Deco

Because I can never find anything on tumblr. Criquette Was Here tutorial Read More

Baby Controller

If you use babycontroller by pescado, it only works for the cribs, changing tables and potties that shipped with the game.  You can add any custom content you have in your game to the list of usuable items. The images shown are for my quaint nursery crib, but the procedure is the same for changing Read More

SimPE – The Sims 2 Package Editor

The SimPE site does not always work, and I’m unsure of the safety of the links for it, so I will post them here. Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Managed Direct X 9c  Main SimPE This is the normal user-friendly installer This is the one you have to unzip yourself and put it where you Read More

Repository Technique

Originally created by gayle for Sims2Artists.  download as pdf

This tutorial is a guide to creating slave files which pull their textures from a master file in the same way any matching Maxis pieces do. Use of the repository technique is a great way to reduce file sizes as well as making recolouring a set a lot easier. What better than to only have to recolour 1 or 2 files instead of 10! The Master file can be either a Maxis object or a custom mesh, either works and the process is the same in both instances. This guide assumes that you already have some knowledge of SimPE and that the slave files have already been mapped correctly so that the texture will show in the right way on the slave files. If the slave files have not yet been mapped you will need to remap them, I will not be covering how to do that in this tutorial.

*NOTE: If you are slaving a multistate object (lights) the STR resources also need to be edited.  see BHAVs & Multi-state Objects

For the tutorial I am using the Campagne curtains from Sims Design Ave following a request to make them all slaves of the long curtains without shutters. Before starting open wordpad to copy and paste the required MASTER information into. It is easier than writing it down and tends to be more accurate, especially if your spelling is anything like mine. I also make myself 3 headings, CRES, GMDC and SHPE, each on a separate line.

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[UV MAP] Bubble Blower

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Simlish Fonts

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Pooklets Actions Destroy Transparency

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Flatten Neighborhood Terrain

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[UV Map] ANeS Dresser

Why do I have no recolors of the ANES set from IKEA?!  Sharing the uv’s, though I want to finish the recolor project of T&S’s overlays before starting another project. Download dresser psd Download bed psd Read More

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