Adding Slots

This tutorial is aimed for adding simple decorative slots.  In the example I have used I will be adding 14 slots to a bookcase.  Adding slots requires adding lines in the Resource Node (CRES), so I recommend reading The Resource Node (CRES) by Numenor for an explanation of the CRES structure.  This is important if… Read more »


HomeCrafter is the custom wall and floor application from EA.  Sometime in the latter half of the EP’s being released, they conflicted and Homecrafter would no longer start.  I personally do not have issues with Homecrafter, since I don’t have the later EP’s, but I hang out in a lot of different help forums.  This… Read more »

Shading in CS3

Creating shading around the edges of an object makes the textures look much better on the object in game.  You will notice that Maxis items all have shading.  To do this easily it is best to have the UV Map from the object.  This can be done with either custom content or even with Maxis… Read more »

Wall & Floor Categories

Subsort – catalog location wall brick masonry siding poured paint wallpaper tile paneling floor stone wood brick tile carpet linoleum poured miscellaneous surfacetype floor sounds cpet marble wood stone cment wdeck

Game Engine

EP1 – University EP2 – NightLife —– EP3 – Open for Business SP1 – Family Fun Stuff (OFB) SP2 – Glamour Life Stuff (OFB) SP4 – Celebration Stuff (OFB) SP5 – H&M (OFB) —– EP4 – Pets SP6 – Teen Style Stuff (Pets) SP7 – Kitchen & Bath Stuff (Pets) SP8 – IKEA Home Stuff (Pets) —– EP5 – Seasons —– EP6… Read more »

M&G Quartertile Cheat

The OBJD controls the placement of objects, and it appears that line 0x0022 (Sale Price) really isn’t for a price.  But rather a flag that sets whether an object can be moved withe the quartertilecheat that came with Mansions & Gardens.

FT Compatible Bookcases

Changing a bookcase to have the FT pie menus/options just requires changing a value in the OBJD.

Fixing Thumbnails

If your object doesn’t show in the small thumbnail in the catalog, it may be because the new object is larger than the one cloned. The game may have a setting in the CRES defining how big and where the thumb should be drawn from. To get the game to draw the thumb from the… Read more »

Changing/Hiding objects in the Catalog

Buy Mode Sometimes you don’t want an object to show in the catalog.  For buy mode objects this is controlled by the Catalog Sort in the OBJD.  If you have the object already part of a collection file then it will remove the object from the catalog but still be available through the collection file…. Read more »

Fixing Rugs for Rug Mod

So rugs in TS2 sink into the ground when placed, basically leaving them very flat.  Most of the actual meshes however are not flat! They sit up off the floor with a nice shape.  Especially the stones from Family Fun Stuff (shown below). I have a rug mod here that fixes all rugs that came in the… Read more »