Changing Prices & Environment

Walls & Floors | Objects | Room Rating Walls & Floors Select XOBJ Select cost line Change value to right – this value is hex Commit & Save Select STR Select line 0x0002 Change value Commit & Save Objects Select OBJD Change to Decimal Select line 0x0022:sale price and change Commit & Save Environmental Rating… Read more »

Career Resources

List of groups and GUIDs for careers.

Usable Food Clutter

How to make food clutter stockable to the fridge by deedee_sims. Includes pictures and Food Point tips!

Missing Holiday from UC

This fix provided by Moonkist Sims. If your missing the clothing from the Holiday packs when installing UC, directions on fixing it.

MMATs – Updating for CEP

Originally the dollhouse was cloned to make it recolorable rather than creating a CEP to add that functionality to the original game object. This example is for the dollhouse, but should work with any recolor to add to a game object after a CEP-Extra has been made. Select the MMAT resource of the CEP-Extra.package in… Read more »