Bedding Template

Simplified bedding template by shastakiss.

Career Resources

List of groups and GUIDs for careers.

Missing Holiday from UC

This fix provided by Moonkist Sims. If your missing the clothing from the Holiday packs when installing UC, directions on fixing it.

Game Resources

Location for the resources used by the game.

Skills, Hobbies & Enthusiam

Skills Cooking Bookshelves. Sims can study cooking theory. The Yummy Channel. This TV channel boosts cooking skill 24/7 Toy Oven. Children can bake a muffin with the toy oven Cooking. Cooking in a kitchen, influenced by your sims current skill, also builds cooking skill Career Rewards. The chocolate machine makes money and increases cooking skill…. Read more »

SimPE – The Sims 2 Package Editor

The SimPE site does not always work, and I’m unsure of the safety of the links for it, so I will post them here. Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Managed Direct X 9c  Main SimPE This is the normal user-friendly installer This is the one you have to unzip yourself and put it where you… Read more »

Simlish Fonts

shastakiss Links!  

Simlish Fonts

 shastakiss Links! Alleluia’s handwritten version at their lj KatyJane’s handwritten at MTS SIMale’s v 1 and v 2 at Insimenator SIMale’s v 3 at Insimenator SIMale’s v 3 comic-style (simcity societies version) at Insimenator inkandchaos’ immajer-Simlish Sims 3 version…