Outdoor Shadows

To remove outdoor shadows on objects while keeping shadows on in game settings. Select GMND Select tsNoShadow Change subset to 0 (1 true, 0 false) If it doesn’t, the expression below may need to be added to the Function – Init BHAV. [prim 0x0002] Expression (My 0x0044 (Shadow Type) := Literal 0x0000)

Changing Prices & Environment

Walls & Floors | Objects | Room Rating Walls & Floors Select XOBJ Select cost line Change value to right – this value is hex Commit & Save Select STR Select line 0x0002 Change value Commit & Save Objects Select OBJD Change to Decimal Select line 0x0022:sale price and change Commit & Save Environmental Rating… Read more »

Usable Food Clutter

How to make food clutter stockable to the fridge by deedee_sims. Includes pictures and Food Point tips!

MMATs – Updating for CEP

Originally the dollhouse was cloned to make it recolorable rather than creating a CEP to add that functionality to the original game object. This example is for the dollhouse, but should work with any recolor to add to a game object after a CEP-Extra has been made. Select the MMAT resource of the CEP-Extra.package in… Read more »

Repository Technique

Originally created by gayle for Sims2Artists.  download as pdf This tutorial is a guide to creating slave files which pull their textures from a master file in the same way any matching Maxis pieces do. Use of the repository technique is a great way to reduce file sizes as well as making recolouring a set… Read more »

Flatten Neighborhood Terrain

Mini.  Very mini.  Like three pictures.  Because I needed to flatten terrains to place lots that are flat. See how the road is not flat when trying to place a lot? To make the dippy corner flat, open the cheat panel and type in “modifyneighborhoodterrain on”. Use your mouse to left click, hold, then drag… Read more »

Making Objects Base Game

Changing values in OBJD – using Hexadecimal The first thing to change is the values in the OBJD. You may choose to follow either the Hexadecimal or the Decimal version.

Adding Recorable Subsets

This tutorial is an add on to the one by Ignorant Bliss at MTS, in that it will show you how to add a subset to be recolorable when one doesn’t exist.  The tutorial by Ignorant Bliss shows you  how to add an additional subset when the tsDesignModeEnabled is already there, but not how to… Read more »

Custom Diggables

How to customize “Dig for Treasure” in Bon Voyage.  The game chooses which object by the percentage values in the  Tuning – Object Chances.  If the game chooses to use line 0x5, GUID list Obj, then it chooses a random number from the list  GUID List of Findable Objects. What you need: Mod by me at mts… Read more »

M&G Quartertile Cheat

The OBJD controls the placement of objects, and it appears that line 0x0022 (Sale Price) really isn’t for a price.  But rather a flag that sets whether an object can be moved withe the quartertilecheat that came with Mansions & Gardens.  The original discussion and find by sensenfrau at MTS .

FT Compatible Bookcases

Changing a bookcase to have the FT pie menus/options just requires changing a value in the OBJD.