Fixing Rugs for Rug Mod

So rugs in TS2 sink into the ground when placed, basically leaving them very flat.  Most of the actual meshes however are not flat! They sit up off the floor with a nice shape.  Especially the stones from Family Fun Stuff (shown below).

I have a rug mod here that fixes all rugs that came in the EPs/SPs.  But there are store ones, conversion ones, or maybe you have a custom one that was cloned from a game rug instead of Echo’s so it exhibits this behavior.  So if you have a rug that sinks in flat you will need to edit the OBJD, and maybe the TXMT.  If you have recolors of EA rugs then you may need to fix the lighting, so you will need to edit the TXMT.


So to keep them sitting on top of the floor and not sink underneath we need to change a field in the OBJD, specifically entry 0x0009:type under Miscellaneous.  We are chang ing the current value of 19 to 4.

  • Select OBJD in Resource Tree (left)
  • Select OBJD in Resource List (right) – plugin view below will now show the data in the TXMT
  • Scroll to 11.Miscellaneous section and change the value in line 0x0009:type to 4
  • Click Commit button
  • Repeat for all OBJDs in the package

Note:  My plugin View window has been made larger and moved up just to show you that section in an image that would fit better here.


The other thing about rugs in TS2  is that when placed off grid or at a diagonal, they take on a funny lighting.  Leaving large squares dark while others are rather bright.  So now we need to edit a value in the TXMT for each recolor.

Look for the line stdMatLightingEnabled and change the value from 0 to 1.

  • Select TXMT in Resource Tree (left)
  • Select TXMT in Resource List (right) – plugin view below will now show the data in the TXMT
  • Change the value in line stdMatLightingEnabled to 1
  • Click Commit button