HomeCrafter is the custom wall and floor application from EA.  Sometime in the latter half of the EP’s being released, they conflicted and Homecrafter would no longer start.  I personally do not have issues with Homecrafter, since I don’t have the later EP’s, but I hang out in a lot of different help forums.  This seems to work for 99% of the issues.

If the following tips don’t work, and replacing the executable also doesn’t fix it, you may need to uninstall and completely remove the registry entries.

Tips to make HomeCrafter run:

  • 1. Right click the icon shortcut and choose run as…choose the current user or administrator.  Sometimes it’s just a permissions issue.
  • 2. Clean out folders in C:Documents and Settings<Username>My DocumentsEA GamesThe Sims 2ProjectsHomeCrafter Plus  .  This will also speed up the opening time of the program since any images in those folders need to be loaded.
  • 3. Replace your exe file with the attached one in C:Program FilesEA GAMESThe Sims 2 HomeCrafter PlusHCBin

Uninstalling HomeCrafter and removing registry entries:

  • Uninstall via Add/Remove programs in Windows -or- download ccleaner and use to uninstall.
  • Use ccleaner to clean out registry.
  • Make sure to look in C:Program FilesEA Games and make sure the Homecrafter folder is not there.
  • Restart your computer (any time registry changes are made you must restart for it to take effect)