Skills, Hobbies & Enthusiam



  • Bookshelves. Sims can study cooking theory.
  • The Yummy Channel. This TV channel boosts cooking skill 24/7
  • Toy Oven. Children can bake a muffin with the toy oven
  • Cooking. Cooking in a kitchen, influenced by your sims current skill, also builds cooking skill
  • Career Rewards. The chocolate machine makes money and increases cooking skill. It is earned in the culinary career track.


  • Bookshelves. Sims study theory.
  • Piano. Tune interaction increases mechanical.
  • Grandfather Clock. Maintain interaction increases mechanical.
  • Career Rewards. The medical dummy increases mechanical.
  • Fixing objects. Fixing any object increases mechanical. Like cooking, doing the interaction will increase the skill.


  • Mirrors. The Pratice Speech and Pratice Romance interactions all boost charisma.
  • Rabbit Head. This toddler object boosts Charisma
  • Career rewards. The podium and the mini golf course all boost charisma.


  • Exercise machine. This machine boosts body.
  • Working Out. Available on TVs and Stereos.
  • Pool. The swimming pool boosts body without decreasing hygiene and comfort.
  • Yoga. Available at body skill 3, This interaction boosts body
  • Career rewards. The punching bag and the obstacle course all boost body.


  • Telescope. Each telescope boosts logic both day and night.
  • Chess Set. Playing or practising chess boosts logic.
  • Toddler Toy. The toy with blocks boosts logic.
  • Career rewards. The medicine station boosts logic .


  • Computers. The Write Novel interaction boosts creativity
  • Piano. Playing the piano boosts creativity
  • Easel. Painting a picture boosts creativity
  • Toy Xylophone. This toddler object boosts creativity.
  • Career rewards. The lie detector and the hydroponic garden all boosts creativity.


  • Bookshelves. Sims can study theory
  • Any dirty object. How well they clean affects the rate.
  • Career Rewards. The fingerprints scanner affects cleaning skill.

credits: The Sims 2 Strategy Wiki


  • Arts & Crafts
  • Cuisine
  • Fitness
  • Film & Literature
  • Games
  • Music & Dance
  • Nature
  • Science
  • Sports
  • Tinkering

credits: The Sims 2 Strategy Wiki