MMATs – Updating for CEP

Originally the dollhouse was cloned to make it recolorable rather than creating a CEP to add that functionality to the…

1 week ago

Repository Technique

Originally created by gayle for Sims2Artists.  download as pdf This tutorial is a guide to creating slave files which pull…

2 years ago

Flatten Neighborhood Terrain

Mini.  Very mini.  Like three pictures.  Because I needed to flatten terrains to place lots that are flat. See how…

4 years ago

Making Objects Base Game

Changing values in OBJD – using Hexadecimal The first thing to change is the values in the OBJD. You may…

5 years ago

Adding Recorable Subsets

This tutorial is an add on to the one by Ignorant Bliss at MTS, in that it will show you…

5 years ago

Custom Diggables

How to customize “Dig for Treasure” in Bon Voyage.  The game chooses which object by the percentage values in the  Tuning…

5 years ago

M&G Quartertile Cheat

The OBJD controls the placement of objects, and it appears that line 0x0022 (Sale Price) really isn’t for a price. …

6 years ago

FT Compatible Bookcases

Changing a bookcase to have the FT pie menus/options just requires changing a value in the OBJD.

6 years ago

Fixing Thumbnails

If your object doesn’t show in the small thumbnail in the catalog, it may be because the new object is…

6 years ago