Sky Object Master List

yandereplumsim -Why? because i keep losing the links and maybe someone else might find these useful- Everything you need to know have been explained and answered by the lovely nimitwinklesims here and Psychosims here

Adding Drop Shadows to Object

Have been linked to this wonderful tutorial several times, and decided I should just list in my resources so I don’t try to make all the time since it’s exactly the way I do them. 🙂  

Wall & Floor Categories

Floors Subsort surfaceType(sound) Wood wood Stone marble Brick cment Carpet cpet Linoleum lino Tile marble Poured cment Misc varies Walls Walls Subsort Brick Masonry Siding Poured Paint Wallpaper Tile Paneling

Game Engine

EP1 – University EP2 – NightLife —– EP3 – Open for Business SP1 – Family Fun Stuff (OFB) SP2 – Glamour Life Stuff (OFB) SP4 – Celebration Stuff (OFB) SP5 – H&M (OFB) —– EP4 – Pets SP6 – Teen Style Stuff (Pets) SP7 – Kitchen & Bath Stuff (Pets) SP8 – IKEA Home Stuff (Pets) —– EP5 – Seasons —– EP6… Read more »