Custom Images for Lots

lot images 1 lot images 2

I use the Sunnyside lots by aelflead a lot, but I could never read what the lot was until I clicked on it.  So I’ve replaced the images with something that tells me at a glance (before selecting) what it is.


How to change lot Images

Create a 300×300 Image in your graphics editor, save as a png or jpg. Open your lot in SimPE, lots are found in (Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\LotCatalog).

  • Select the jpg/tga/png Image resource
  • Right Click/Replace
  • In dialog box change to All Files (if a png, jpg will display by default)
  • Select the created image (browse to where you saved the image, mine working directory in SimPE is always the desktop)
  • Choose Open
  • Save lot file