Adding Recorable Subsets

This tutorial is an add on to the one by Ignorant Bliss at MTS, in that it will show you how to add a subset to be recolorable when one doesn’t exist.  The tutorial by Ignorant Bliss shows you  how to add an additional subset when the tsDesignModeEnabled is already there, but not how to add one and make an object recolorable.

Step 1

In the Plugin View, choose the Edit Blocks tab.  From the drop down list choose cDataListExtension, click add.

You will see the added line on the left, but with no name.

Step 2

For each line you add on the Edit Blocks tab you must add a line in the Data List Extension Reference on the cObjectGraphNode.  Click the add link on the right, change the Enabled value to true (0x01) and the Index to the next number (0x04).

Step 4

Now we need to name that added cDataListExtension to tsDesignModeEnabled.  Select the unnamed cDataList Extension from the drop down list in  the Blicklist

On the left side type in tsDesignModeEnabled for the Name.  On the right click the add button to add an array, select the added array and on the left place the name of the subset in the Name field.


Step 5

To be recolorable the object also needs a MMAT for each subset.  You can take them from any object as you will be editing them.  Here is one to add to your package. 

  • Right click in the top right pane (Resource List) and choose Add.
  • Copy the name from the TXMT, do not include the_txmt
  • Past in the name field in the MMAT, leaving the ##0x1C050000! prefix
  • In the subsetName field place the name of the subset you added in the tsDesignModeEnabled
  • Select the cres, copy the name, including the _cres
  • Paste this in modelname field leaving the ##0x1C050000! prefix

Step 6 – Optional

If your object is to have two recolorable subsets you will need a second MMAT.

  • Follow the steps above for the second MMAT.
  • Using Hash Generator, use the MMAT name to hash a new value for the family field
  • Each MMAT must have a unique Instance.
Step 7

Update the GUIDs for your new MMATs. Choose the lead OBJD, usually the one with the shortest name. Select the Update all MMAT’s box, and click Update. Fix Integrity on your package (this will give unique instances to your MMATs). Pictures can be found in the Making objects Recolorable tutorial.