Adjusting Autonomy

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Advertising tweaks done in or from the test BHAV overrule any that are set in the TTAB. S orry to necromance, but I was being asked about this thread in chat at the moment.

In a BHAV, use the following to override the relevent TTAB columns. :
[prim 0x0002] Expression (Check tree advert: Minimum 0x000F (Fun) := Local 0x0000)
[prim 0x0002] Expression (Check tree advert: Range 0x000F (Fun) := Local 0x0000)
[prim 0x0002] Expression (Check tree advert: Personality variance 0x000F (Fun) := Local 0x0000)

Where you don’t specify in the BHAV, The TTAB value will be used.

The guardian BHAV will always be run, whether or not the sim is attracted to using the object via the TTAB. Only the flags (eg tickboxes for elder/toddler/visitor) will override this. Ie an elder won’t run the Guaridan BHAV if Elder tickbox is not ticked.

The advantage of setting the ads programmatically is that you can do all sorts of subtle tests including time of day (make Sleep more attractive later at night) or even gender. Add up different personality points so you can use a complex formula instead of just using the one personality trait like the Personality Type would have allowed.

via Inge at MTS