Changing Price/Environment

Walls & Floors | Objects | Room Rating

A user friendly tool to change an objects location or price in the catalog by whoward69.

Walls & Floors

  1. Select XOBJ
  2. Select cost line
  3. Change value to right – this value is hex
  4. Commit & Save
  1. Select STR
  2. Select line 0x0002
  3. Change value
  4. Commit & Save

Build & Buy Mode

  1. Select OBJD
  2. Change to Decimal
  3. Select line 0x0022:sale price and change
  4. Commit & Save

Environmental Rating

Environmental effect of an object is determined by its OBJD Price in conjunction with its OBJD Niceness Multiplier, see more info at simswiki:

“Niceness Multiplier” (0x002D) is set to 0x0190 for decorative objects and 0x0064 for all others. Enviromental Rating