Custom Diggables

How to customize “Dig for Treasure” in Bon Voyage.  The game chooses which object by the percentage values in the  Tuning – Object Chances.  If the game chooses to use line 0x5, GUID list Obj, then it chooses a random number from the list  GUID List of Findable Objects.

What you need:

Tuning – Object Chances

Change the Dec value to be between 0 and 100, all lines (0-5) must add up to 100.  The last line is the list of Maxis or custom GUIDs.

 GUID – List of Findable Objects

To choose which objects you would like your sims to dig up, change any or all of the GUIDs listed in this BCON.  Entering the GUID in the list is a bit different because the game reads the last four digits then the first four digits.  ** See example

Changing Number of Diggables

The first line, 0x000, defines the number of items available to dig up.


In this example I have changed the first object to be the Gingerbread House from Holiday.  The GUID of the Gingerbread House is 0703D6906.  The first four numbers go in the second line 0x2, and the last four numbers go in the first line 0x1.  Each line must have the 0x before it.  When placing the numbers, use the box for Hex (just under the red arrow).