Expanding the footprint

Expanding the footprint for decorative items easily by deedee.

Adjusting Mesh

This works pretty well as outlined by deedee. I found that when making a painting that was slightly larger than one tile, the game read the small bits of mesh on the left/right and gave it a three tile footprint.

In the image below, the red box is what the game counts as one tile for the painting that I cloned. Should be the same for all paintings, but eh, you never quite know! Because the new mesh (not red) sits just outside the one tile on either side, the game made the footprint three tiles.

x-axis from above

To fix this, I moved the painting .25 to the left in Milkshape. So now the game read the main footprint (as outlined with square box), then one more tile to the left. In game the painting had a two tile footprint.

x-axis from above