Grouping & Sorting Walls/Floors

Grouping and sorting walls and floors to appear together in the catalog and in a specific order by editing filename(dString) in the XOBJ.

CC walls/floors will have this value set to aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. This can be set to any name, but a set can’t have all the same value. If you want a specific set to display in a set order, then each different wall needs to have a different value; ie:

  • wall_siding_alum_01
  • wall_siding_alum_02
  • wall_siding_alum_red
  • wall_siding_alum_blue

Object recolors for build/buy mode are sorted by the internal filename. This cannot be made unique while recoloring. It should work to use Fix Integrity on a recolor package to give an alphabetical name.