Making Objects Shiftable in AL

OK so it is not really a tutorial, nor is it mine.  But I needed a place to find this again fast.  And it does show how to do this, you just have to be good at deciphering riddles I think.

Goggalor made a whole bunch of stuff shift-able.  These appear to just be the games default BHAVs that have been altered.  They are global BHAVs and they will affect custom meshes as well. Specifically curtains and mirrors do not automatically pull BHAVs into a new clone, they simply use the game default ones.  Any custom object that is cloned with this mod in should either continue to use these or will bring in local BHAVs that have this alterd BHAV.

But there is another by aelflaed which is much easier to read.  Sorta.  Well it is but you do still need to be somewhat familiar with SimPE.

There is one thing I have discovered regarding shift-able items.  The amount it can shift is limited to the sizes of all mesh parts, even shadows.  Take for example curtains, if your curtain mesh is the same size as a counter height window, but your shadow mesh is the full height of the wall, then your mesh won’t shift.  A perfect example is the Holy Simoly Simply Elegant curtains and Add-ons by Ambular and myself.  The shadow meshes themselves are preventing them from shifting further.  It’s fixable, but time-consuming so I haven’t gotten that far.  Of course the quick fix is simply to remove the shadow mesh parts, but then you won’t see shadows in game from your curtains.

Adding entry to BHAV

If you would like to add a BHAV entry to make your custom object shift, like this bookshelf here, then you need to add an entry in the INIT BHAV with the OpCode 0x0002..

  • Select last line and choose Insert via true
  • Click the hammer/wrench icon for new line
  • In the dialog box enter the following:
    • My
    • Placement Flagss 2
    • Set Flag
    • Literal
    • Adjustable Height (AL)