Merging Fences

If you find any more information about this that you would like to share with me, you can find me on Discord (lunie#1483), MTS, GoS, s2a or tumblr.

My method of merging is to use SimPE and drag all packages in that I want to merge. You can also merge using Lazy Duchess CCMerger and then edit as follows.

This is pretty much the same as merging recolors where you need to create a unique instance for each mmat. For fences we need to do this with the XFNC (xml)** resource. You can use the Hash Generator by using a different string for each fence, then use the hash value from either crc24 or crc32. Copy that value and place in the Instance box on the Resource tab.

**Confirmed!!** Thanks to itsdiamondeyesuniverse, it looks like you may also need to edit a couple other things. Change the Instance in the Text List to a unique hashed value, copy this value, the place in the stringsetid in the XFNC (xml).

Alternatively you can use the Unique Instances button, I did have some errors with this. Select all the XFNC resources, then click the helmut (Unique Instances) and it will renumber all in the package to be unique.

Still trying to figure out exactly how fences are ordered in game. For cc versions, first is by price, then it appears to go in reverse alphabetical order of the package name. In the following picture there are two groups of Island fence recolors. For Maxis fences, best guess is the stringsetgroupid or resourceid after price. I have found if you use the Unique Instances button, then it reorders in game the fence. If you give instances manually it keeps the original reverse name order. <shrugs> Sort order may also be affected by which folders your fences are in. IsaWP confirmed their fences are ordered in reverse alphabetical, but not price. <shrugs>