M&G Quartertile Cheat

SimPE has been updated, with a new field for enabling quarter tile placement. The sfs folder linked for v.75_69 by Chris Hatch is an evolving, updated version.

For objects to move on quarter tile, set value to 0.

** The Information below is if you use a version of SimPE older than 75_69

The OBJD controls the placement of objects, and it appears that line 0x0022 (Sale Price) really isn’t for a price.  But rather a flag that sets whether an object can be moved withe the quartertilecheat that came with Mansions & Gardens.  The original discussion and find by sensenfrau at MTS.

  • Line 0x0022:saleprice must be set to 0x0023(hex) or 35(dec)

After posting that changing this value allowed an object to be placed using the quartertile cheat I looked at some other objects and found that all EAxis objects I looked at had the value of 0x0023(35) and did work with the cheat.

Edit: Information by Chris Hatch about the field.