Object & Sim Intersection

A quick guide to adding a BHAV to allow object and sim intersection. This is especially useful for decorative items like blanket and pillows. I don’t usually decorative with cheats on right away since this sometimes renders an object unusable for sims. The example I used was Jonesi’s bed blanket slaved to Maxis bedding by Ambular here. I also added this to my corner columns here so that they may be placed over fences and so that sims could walk through the footprint(green squares).


Adding a line in BHAV (Behavior Function)

To allow an object to be placed anywhere without the grid turning red and for sims to be able to walk through we need to add a line to the BHAV.

  • Select BHAV (#1)
  • Select “init” (#2)
  • Click Sort Button
  • Select last line in Behavior Function Editor (#3)
  • Select Add (#4)

Linking the BHAV (Behavior Function)

Now we need to link the new BHAV to be called during the game. We need to change the line that was originally the last to point to the next one instead of stopping. Select the 2nd to last line in Behavior Function. Select the “True Target” and change this value to the line number of the last BHAV. In this example we change the “Return True” value to “0x4”. (#5)

Note:  You can tick the box to enable "Special Buttons" and then click the button "Ins/True".  This will insert a new bhav via true and do all the previous linking for you.

Changing The values in BHAV (Behavior Function)

Now we need to change the value of the added BHAV to allow for the allow object and sim intersection value. In the OpCode box be sure it is set to 0x0002 (see just above red box #5) With your newly added BHAV selected, click the button to the right that shows a hammer/wrench (#6) In the pop up box set the values as shown. “My”, “flags” “Set Flag” “Literal” “allow object and person intersection”. Depending on the last value in your object, you may only need to click the dropdown box and select the “allow object and person intersection” (#7) Click Commit and save (#8)