Reducing GUIDs/OBJDs

This tutorial will show you how to reduce the number of OBJDs, which also means less GUIDs, for decorative objects. This is essentially reducing the footprint.

note that this does not work with objects that use slots for sims to interact with. ie: beds, sofas, etc., as sims are directed to specific slots/objds.

Find the main OBJD

This is usually instance number 0x000041A7, but not always. It will have the Multi-Tile master id of 1 and Multi-Tile sub index of -1.

  • Change these to zero. Commit.
  • Select the remaining OBJDs and delete them.

Remove the two OBJF resources that had the same instance as the OBJDs. This is probably all but 0x000041A7

Repeat for the NREF resource.

If you want your object to be a single tile for the footprint, then you’re done! If you want the game to build the footprint based off the mesh size, then follow this tutorial . Basically all you do is change line 0x004E: Extend footprint and change the value to 0x0001.


Only single tile objects can be placed on an OMSP. If your object has a single ODBD but is still covering more than one tile, check the line 0x004E: Extend footprint. I’ve noticed some old creations have this set to 0x0001. They knew how to extend footprint ages ago, but it hasn’t been documented previously I guess?